Ultrafine nickel wire company CONSULTANT METAL L.P.

The main activity of CONSULTANT METAL L.P. is the production  in Russia and realization abroad products which can be used as financial instruments for obtaining the bank guarantee, opening of a credit line, capitalization of firm, participation in Private Placement Program – (PPP).  This product is Ultrafine Nickel Wire ДКРНТ 0,025 KT  dia 0.025 mm (State Standard GOST 2179-75) composed of nickels NP-1 and NP-2.


Domestic manufacture allows our company to produce high-quality products within the time limit and applied volume:


Chemical purity of Nickel Wire DKRNT 0.025 KT NP-2 is at least 99.80% (State Standard GOST 492-2006).

Chemical purity of Nickel Wire DKRNT 0.025 KT NP-1 is at least 99.90% (State Standart GOST 492-2006).

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